The thickness of the pendants: 3.60 mm
pendant Size in mm
//A big circle 8*8
//A small circle 6*6
//Big triangle 8.15*11.81
//A small triangle 8.30*10.20
//Large rectangle 8*9.80
//A small rectangle 6*7.90
//heart 10.81*8.81
//Drop 6.36*10.38
//A large symmetrical star 10.91*11.38
//A small symmetrical star 10.12*9.59
//A large asymmetrical star 13.13
//A small asymmetrical star 12.03
// Yellow gold, // white gold, // red gold, and // black gold.

Everything is made of 14 karat gold.

To find the size of your bracelet / necklace, you must take a sewing thread and rotate it around the circumference of your wrist / around your neck. The length of the wire you received should be deployed, placed along a ruler and measured in length. The size you will receive is the size of the arm / circumference of your neck.

You can get items by courier to your home.

If the courier arrives and you are not at the address you gave, the messenger will leave a note with a telephone number to coordinate the delivery. Please call the number indicated in the note and coordinate with the arrival courier. It’s very important to make sure that the phone number you provided is correct. Any other question and customer service will be happy to be at your disposal. You are invited to email us at or call 054-8100022 and we will get back to you soon.

Up to 14 business days from the date of booking, depending on the shipping company.

You can pay by credit card through verifone.

Business days are weekdays, from Sunday to Thursday (inclusive) and do not include Fridays, Saturdays, holiday or Chol HaMoed.

The reservation is charged automatically and immediately upon completion of the reservation. Upon confirmation of the transaction by the credit card company, you will be notified to the e-mail box about receipt of the payment and approval of the transaction.

If you have a chain whose length fits you, you can measure it on a measuring tape and choose the same size. If you do not have a thread chain and put it around the neck at the desired length of the chain, then measure the wire with a measuring tape and select the same size.

A silicone bracelet should be placed tightly on the hand because silicon is a material and breathes and therefore over time it expands slightly. Take a thread, wrap around the wrist, and measure the length of the string with a measuring tape.

A link bracelet should be laid tight on the hand. Take a thread, wrap around the wrist, and measure the length of the string with a measuring tape.

The credit will be transferred to the credit card in which the order was placed in the heart, and according to the credit company’s timetable.

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